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  • Gift Flower Delivery App Script
Latest Release ▶ Uber Like Taxi Booking App For Online Taxi Booking Business ▶ 21st May, 2020

We are the best On demand Flower & Gift Delivery or delivery app development services provider for Android & iOS.Flower & Gift Delivery App Development

If you are looking for Flower & Gift Delivery development company to launch your own flower delivery app like uber, then you are at a right place. Here you can get best flower Clone app script from which you can build your own flower ordering app. Everyone wants to get flower at home without wasting any time in going to market. So they first search for an online app for Flower & Gift on demand app to get their choice flower at a place where they want to send.

The Complete Solution

Our Flower & Gift Delivery app script is not a just script, it's complete solution, we understand a hardle of a Flower & Gift Delivery Company and know very well, so we have developed complete solution and coverd all aspect.

Latest Release ▶ Uber Like Taxi Booking App For Online Taxi Booking Business ▶ 21st May, 2020

We are the best Plumber booking app development service provider for Android & iOS. FAQ - Flower & Gift Delivery App

General FAQ

  • What is Flower & Gift Delivery App?
    Flower & Gift Delivery App is an app designed & developed by Appilab Technologies. It has almost all the features of any standared Flower & Gift Delivery App.
  • How does Flower & Gift Delivery app work ?
    Flower & Gift Delivery app working is based on Google map. Using google map, User can search a nearby store & order madcine & get delivered by delivery executive using location tracking provided by the user.
  • Can I start an Online Flower & Gift Delivery business using this app ?
    Yes, You can start your App based online Flower & Gift Delivery business using Flower & Gift Delivery app developed by Appilab Technologies.
  • What's your relation with Uber ?
    We are no way related to the uber. We are using Name Uber just for illustration purpose because we have used simillar features in our app as features used in Uber eats.
  • Is it true that this app is copyright of Uber eats ??
    No, This app is not a copyright of Uber eats. This app has almost all features of Uber eats app & thease apps have full ownership of Appilab Technologies.
  • How can I get this app ?
    Please contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at hello@appilab.com or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077
  • Do you provide Android, iOS, Admin panel etc ? What's included in the package ?
    Yes we provide User & delivery app for Android & iOS, Admin panel, CMS panel, CRM panel, store panel, all web panels are included in the package.
  • Do you provide customization service or add-on features, Design changes etc ??
    Yes, we provide customization of app, It's features & Design changes.
  • What is the price of Uber like app ??
    We provide apps on compatitive price. Final price estimation is based on the features applicable, Add-on features, customization but we try our best to provide the app at minimal price.
  • Do you provide support service after deplyment of the app ?
    Yes we provide support service for the apps provided.
  • I have some quiry / Question related to this app or to buy this app, How can I reach you ?
    You can reach us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at hello@appilab.com or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.

Technologies Used & Features

  • What are the various technologies, API Tools used to develop thease apps ?
    We have used varius technologies & API Mentioned below: Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7 NodeJS with HTML CSS JavaScript as frontend JAVA, SWIFT, XML, XCODE Android studio JWT for Authentication Package MySQL Database Mailgun for mail config Google Map Places API Google Static Map API Stripe payment gateway Paypal Payment Gateway Facebook Account kit for OTP verification & Many more other tools & technologies, API..
  • What are the signup /Signin Method used for user app ?
    You can signup/Signin Using Email/contact no. & Social media like Facebook & Google.
  • Does it support OTP varification for signup/signin ?
    Yes, It supports OTP Varification for better security.
  • Does your apps support Push notification for various activities ?
    Yes, user/Driver can receive real time Notifications/ Push notifications.
  • Does it has search & filter option for the store & menu ?
    Yes, It has the feature of search & filter option for the store & menu.
  • What are the payment options available for paying for the order ?
    We provide some standared payment gateways like Paypal & Stripe, It supports Cash payment also. You may requst us to add the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Does It supports Refferal for users ?
    Yes it supports Refferal. Users may refer to friends/ Family & get some reward in terms of Cahback or coupon.
  • Does It supports Inbuilt wallet feature ?
    Yes it has wallet features & having some limitaions as per the law of the country it has to be used.
  • My question/ Query is not mentioned in the list here, How can I contact to get those answers ?
    You can contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at hello@appilab.com or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.We are happy to help you to answer your quiries.

Latest Release ▶ Uber Like Taxi Booking App For Online Taxi Booking Business ▶ 21st May, 2020

Read all about Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato like app development or Script All about Flower & Gift Delivery App Development

Appilab is the best on demand flower delivery app development company to create your own on demand instant Flower & Gift delivery app with best flower delivery script.

With the development of on demand technology, people are in search of mobile apps for every work to be done. From buying gift products everything being ordered from mobile apps to paying online bills. Here comes local flower delivery app to make the job too easy all over the world.

Downloading the app from play or App store, register into the app. Selecting the menu to place flower delivered to your doorstep. Most of the young IT professional and other office people found this method too easy to place flower order online which save them huge time. Online flower delivery app development and website much popular in world.

Best Flower & Gift Delivery App Development That are Worth Your Time and Money The good news for people who care about time is that flower delivery services app are a thing, and have been for a while. Although not all apps are created equal, there are a few that promise fresh flower from local vendors in a short amount of time — which is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. All You Need to Know About Building a Flower & Gift Delivery : Opening the Flower app initially is the first impression and an important one, but how unique and eye catching is it across the different choices? I have never said, “I need to order flower online from this Uber for flower delivery app because their flower pictures are more enticing than the other apps”.When talking about uber for flower delivery apps, we should first of all differentiate between the services offered by shops themselves and third-party providers. Uber for flower app is seperate from the Uber app, its interface is similar, which makes it easy to use for those familiar with its parent service. Appilab provides the best flower clone script to makes on demand flower delivery app. Features of FLOWER & GIFT DELIVERY Application Sign-up/Sign-in Customers sign-up in the on-demand Flower & Gift delivery service app with requested credentials, including email and phone number. They can sign in directly via their social media as well. Browse Flowers The application showcases various flowers and stores with extensive details such as name, cost, quantity, short description, and others. Clients browse and pick according to discretion. Search & Filter Clients look for flowers or gift via the in-app search. To additionally upgrade results, clients apply filters. Book Now or Schedule for later Service seekers post choosing the flower & gift, quantity, address and payment options tap “Book Now” for quick delivery. Clients schedule the delivery by selecting the flower or gift, date & time, destination, and payment mode before tapping “Schedule delivery.” Re-Order To save money on schedule, clients see past requests and tap "re-order" for moment or scheduled booking effortlessly. View Flower & Gift Store Before submitting a request, service seekers see flower store details including yet not restricted to name, experience, address, offerings, and others. Order History Clients via the app see the recently booked flower delivery details including date and time, flower type, quantity, amount of service, and others. Real Time Tracking Our Uber like flower delivery app have real time tracking system for the service offered. Multiple Payment Options The app integrated with multiple payment gateways customer can pay online or cash on delivery during checkout. Rate & Review Our Uber like flower ordering app, gives clint rate and review the product and the experience via the app feature. Offers, Promo code and referrel Client use promotion codes, offers, and coupons that offer discounts, exclusive services, or other benefits as per business discretion. This encourages you to advertise your application effectively and get more clients in short time. Help & Customers Support Clients get in touch with the applications help & support via in-app messaging or call feature.