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As technology advances and changes, our day-to-day habits and lifestyle also change. In the past eating at home was our part of the daily routine, But now the scene has changed drastically and much of this has changed with the creation of the smartphone and the development of food delivery platforms. New applications have taken this a step further by offering even more options on-demand. Doordash is one of the largest and popular among the food delivery platform. At Doordash clone app users have a wide range of food delivery apps to choose from. DoorDash is another food delivery app that has a wide customer base. Any entrepreneur and business person can get the DoorDash clone script app at a reasonable price and start delivering food to customers on-demand. We provide important features that help to boost the business of online ordering and delivering food. Get a clone of food ordering app like doordash with multiple features at a reasonable cost. The basic features that we provide to our client Uber for doordash clone are illustrated below.


Users will find the nearest restaurant based on the location, categories/subcategories, and other several conditions.


Users will find the nearest restaurant based on the location, categories/subcategories and other several conditions

Real-Time Tracking

With this feature, the users can track the order very easily from pick up to the delivery of orders and the delivery personnel can also track the delivery location with the help of in-built GPS feature.

Review and Rating

Users can review and rate food items, restaurants, and delivery personnel. These ratings from users will help the restaurants to get ranked higher and also improve the quality of delivery.

Secured Payment Gateway

Users can make payments from credit/debit cards or in-app digital wallets.

Order Customization

Users can also fully customize their orders based upon their tastes.

Discounts and Promo Codes

This popular feature allows the admin to provide promo codes and discounts to attract the user and boost sales.

Vendor Dashboard

The restaurants can accept or reject orders based on the availability of items and monitor the operation.

There are few more important in-demand features that we provide to our customers such as notifications, management, favorite, history, and many more.

How Does Doordash Clone App works?

Food delivery app like Doordash basically works on six different steps that work one on one in a sequence manner. The first step towards the selection of nearby restaurants with the help of GPS features then selection of food from the nearby selected restaurants by the users. These items are further added to his/her cart and then they confirm the order. Now, the specified restaurant will receive the order request, and once confirms, the customer will receive notification regarding order confirmation through message or emails. After order confirmation the nearest available delivery staff will rush towards the restaurants to pick that delivery and in between that customers can live-track their order through the in-built GPS features provided inside the app and the food gets delivered within the specified ETA.

Its never too late, start your online food ordering and delivering business from today. We provide Doordash like app development for both the platform, android as well as IOS.

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Latest Release ▶ Uber Like Taxi Booking App For Online Taxi Booking Business ▶ 24th August, 2020