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Urbanclap Clone Script

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  • Urbanclap Clone Script is one of the best app to start your online home services business or handy business.
Latest Release ▶ Food Ordering App Like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eat ▶ 14th October, 2020

Our urban clap like app development service provides white label app for your startups.. Urbanclap Clone Script. | UrbanCompany app

UrbanClap Clone, now known as UrbanCompany is an online and mobile marketplace application that connects people who need a little help with everyday tasks around the home with people looking to acquire some additional cash by doing them. UrbanClap clone is an online marketplace software that enables you to get started with on-demand UrbanClap clone app similar to UrbanClap. Contact us for the UrbanClap clone app development.

The Complete Solution

Our Urbanclap Clone Script is not a just script, it's complete solution, we understand a hardle of a On-demand home service provider Company and know very well, so we have developed complete solution and coverd all aspect.

Latest Release ▶ Food Ordering App Like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eat ▶ 14th October, 2020

Love appilab for UrbanCompany like app development service view the demo of complete app UrbanClap | App Demo

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Latest Release ▶ Food Ordering App Like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eat ▶ 14th October, 2020

Our urbanclap app script has features like online tracking for users & service providers using Google map. FAQ - Urbanclap Clone Script

General FAQ

  • What is Urbanclap Clone Script ?
    Urbanclap Clone Script is an app for On demand Home services designed & developed by Appilab Technologies. It has almost all the features of standared Urbanclap like home services app.
  • How does Urbanclap Clone Script work ?
    Urbanclap Clone Script working is based on Google map. Using google map, User can search the location where they want to get the home services or on demand services at home, user can provide their location using google map so that Home services provider can reach to their location to provide the service & reach using the map tracking provided by the app.
  • Can I start an Online Home services business using this app ?
    Yes, You can start your App based Online Home services business using Urbanclap Clone Script developed by Appilab Technologies.
  • How can I get this app ?
    Please contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077
  • Do you provide Android, iOS, Admin panel etc ? What's included in the package ?
    Yes we provide User & Booking app for Android & iOS, Admin panel, CMS panel, CRM panel, service provider panel, all web panels are included in the package.
  • Do you provide customization service or add-on features, Design changes etc ??
    Yes, we provide customization of app, It's features & Design changes.
  • What is the price of Urbanclap Clone Script ??
    We provide apps on compatitive price. Final price estimation is based on the features applicable, Add-on features, customization but we try our best to provide the app at minimal price.
  • Do you provide support service after deplyment of the app ?
    Yes we provide support service for the apps provided.
  • I have some quiry / Question related to this app or to buy this app, How can I reach you ?
    You can reach us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.

Technologies Used & Features

  • What are the various technologies, API Tools used to develop thease apps ?
    We have used varius technologies & API Mentioned below: Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7 NodeJS with HTML CSS JavaScript as frontend JAVA, SWIFT, XML, XCODE Android studio JWT for Authentication Package MySQL Database Mailgun for mail config Google Map Places API Google Static Map API Stripe payment gateway Paypal Payment Gateway Facebook Account kit for OTP verification & Many more other tools & technologies, API..
  • What are the signup /Signin Method used for user app ?
    You can signup/Signin Using Email/contact no. & Social media like Facebook & Google.
  • Does it support OTP varification for signup/signin ?
    Yes, It supports OTP Varification for better security.
  • Does your apps support Push notification for various activities ?
    Yes, user/Driver can receive real time Notifications/ Push notifications.
  • What are the payment options available for paying for the order ?
    We provide some standared payment gateways like Paypal & Stripe, It supports Cash payment also. You may requst us to add the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Does It supports Refferal for users ?
    Yes it supports Refferal. Users may refer to friends/ Family & get some reward in terms of Cahback or coupon.
  • Does It supports Inbuilt wallet feature ?
    Yes it has wallet features & having some limitaions as per the law of the country it has to be used.
  • My question/ Query is not mentioned in the list here, How can I contact to get those answers ?
    You can contact us using chatbox in the bottom right corner. Alternatively you may contact us at or contact us on whatsapp/call: +91-730-349-7077 or by filling a small form on this page or contact up page.We are happy to help you to answer your quiries.

Latest Release ▶ Food Ordering App Like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eat ▶ 14th October, 2020

Read all about Urbanclap like app development service and clone script. All about Urbanclap Clone Script

Changes make a surprising way to progress. A progressive change occurred in the service business and the component of the local service marketplace is added to this industry. UrbanClap Clone script for marketplace service is an innovative marketplace script developed by Appilab Websites which lets you start your home service platform similar to UrbanClap. Let's discuss your requirements for UrbanClap clone Local Service Marketplace development solution.

Appilab UrbanClap clone script gives you a door to enter this industry. It is a help service marketplace script which helps you to make a UrbanClap clone application in a limited ability to focus time. It has different features and income alternatives. How about we view one of the business-accommodating features of this script.

Reasons Why picked UrbanClap clone script for marketplace service


Above all else, you don't need to think whether the UrbanClap clone you pick is dependable, or would you be able to give them access to your home. Appilab comprehends the significance of trust and security, which is the explanation their UrbanClap clone script experienced different establishment and individual checks.

Find what you need

The motivation behind why the UrbanClap clone script is getting progressively increasingly popular is their adaptability. Everybody can discover what they need, regardless of whether it be home assignments or fixes. Mounting a TV, gathering furniture, moving substantial things, keeping up your yard, making home upgrades, and cleaning is only a portion of the services that this site offers.

Easy to use the app

With an efficient and normal interface, you will effectively experience various sorts of administrations they offer, discover how UrbanClap clone script works, and considerably more. You don't need to search for quite a long time for what you need in light of the fact that UrbanClap clone centers around speed and accommodation.

The basic process of UrbanClap clone

Presently, you may feel that picking the best Tasker for your activity is a muddled assignment yet unwind. A remarkable inverse, the way toward finding precisely what you need is fairly basic. To start with, you have to depict the assignment and pick the date and time that best suits you. From that point forward, the UrbanClap clone will discover you a rundown of qualified Taskers so you can pick the best fit. At that point, the Tasker will show up at your doorstep and take care of business. Ultimately, you have to pay for their services.

Payment without any problem on UrbanClap clone

With regard to payment, this procedure is likewise basic. You simply need to pay through their application and that is it. This is a major in addition to on the off chance that you are consistently in a rush and don't have the opportunity to sit before your laptop or PC.

Create a new look and feel to your exceptional service marketplace application with the help of UrbanClap Task Marketplace Script. It also empowered many significant features to your application effectively. Reach out on Apppilab official site for on demand service marketplace UrbanClap script.